11. Other Notes

11.1 Floating and Docking Tool Bars

Tool bars can be docked on any one of the four screen edges. Docking on the bottom can be tricky. We found that to dock the bar on the bottom that you need to drag the tool bar down so that it is half on the screen, and half on the status bar. Doing this seems to make it stick to the bottom. If you go too far or not far enough the bar will float back up to the top.

QT3x now supports floating tool bars. Any of the tool bars or the layer bar may be made to float on the sceen by dragging it to the location you wish it to be. The bar can be redocked by dragging it back to one of the four screen edges.

11.2 Arranging Tool Bars

A right mouse button click in an unoccupied (gray) area of a menu bar will bring up a popup menu with several options to align tool bars. This provides a quick and easy way to organize your tool bars on the screen.

11.3 Layer Bar

Currently all three windows of the layer bar work, but only the first one is useful for anything. This bar is where you change the settings of the layers in the drawing. This is done by clicking on the icons in the list box to toggle their state. The icons from left to right represent:

The second window displays the defined colors for cad work, but since drawing is not yet impmemented there is no reason to have the ability to pick colors yet. Similarly the third window lists all linetypes defined in the drawing, but there is no way to change a linetype.

The button at the left of the layer bar will call up the full layer dialog box. This is the same as selecting it from the Settings Menu.

11.4 Status Bar Buttons

These buttons are found along the bottom of the screen in the status bar (hit F10 if the status bar is hidden). The first four buttons (Snap, Grid, Ortho, Isnap) are always greyed out since they would only be useful for drawing and are not necessary for viewing. The fifth button initially shows the word "Tile". As soon as a drawing is loaded the button either is switched on and shows the word "Model" or switches off and shows the word "Paper". The button indicates if you are currently viewing the drawing in Model space or Paper space. To change from Model Space to Paper Space simply click the button to toggle it on or off.

The box immediately to the right of these buttons lists any Paper Space Layouts that may exist on the drawing. To select a Layout to view pick it from the text box. The first Layout in the list is always "Model" which will display the drawing in Model space. Layouts are only valid for AutoCad© version 2000 and above, and only layouts properly defined (which means there is a valid Paper Space viewport for the layout) will be listed in the box. If you are viewing a R14 or below drawing then this box displays the drawing version.