1. Introduction

LX_Viewer is a program that will allow you to open and view AutoCad DWG or DXF files. You may zoom and pan the drawing as you would in AutoCad. Files can be saved to AutoCad DWG or DXF formats from version 2.5 to 2000, as well as files in BMP and PNG formats.

1.1 Revision History and Change Log

Version 0.98 - PreRelease

Viewer now uses the OpenDWG version 2.008 library
Viewer now requires the QT Version 3.05 libraries
Postscript printer resolution increased from 72dpi to 600dpi
Added text and picture previews to the open file dialog
Viewer now stores a bitmap preview picture with the drawing file
Drawing is sniffed prior to load looking for corrupt data
A function to audit the drawing database has been added
Removed support to write XPM files
Added support to write Portable Network Graphics files (PNG)
Viewer now accepts multiple command line parameters when starting the program
A command bar with a command history has been added so you can enter commands from the keyboard
Reports on the contents of single or multiple drawings has been implemented
Layer dialog has had "select all" and "unselect all" buttons added
Toggle to turn tool tips on and off has been added
It is now possible to select the file type to "save as" from the file type box in the save file dialog.
The command make install now creates the required subdirectories for fonts, pcp files and maunal pages correctly.

Version 0.96 - PreRelease

Added R12 file save version
Corrected bug where XREF's would not regenerate if the window size was changed
Added a full layer dialog box with the ability to create new layers
Added a model space and paper space toggle button
Added the ability to pick different paper space layouts (for A2K and above only)
Fixed some plotting and display problems in drawings with multiple layouts
Fixed plotted linewidth and plotting scale problems when using metric units
Output to text window is now formatted and easier to read
Corrected problem with display not regenerating when a covering window was closed or moved.
Much improved code to search for the path to the executable so that sub-directories can be located. Searches in the environment path and also deals with symbolic links.
Viewer now accepts one command line parameter. If provided the program attempts to load and open this file

Version 0.94 - PreRelease

Added Printing capability.
Added 3D view hot keys.
Added ability to change layer states (on/off, freeze/thaw, etc).

Version 0.92 - PreRelease

Added this help manual.
Fixed problem with keyboard buffer overflow when using + and - zoom accelerator keys.
3D triad better behaved
Added additional tool bars

Version 0.90 - PreRelease

Initial public release of Drawing Viewer