2. Installation

2.1 How to obtain Viewer

Our home page is at: http://lx-viewer.sourceforge.net
The file release page is at: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=30996

2.2 Requirements


You must have the QT development libraries 3.0.5 installed plus the OpenDWG Linux library files ad2.a and ad3.a. There are several OpenDWG header files which we have modified and provide. These files have the same name as the header files you will get from OpenDWG. It is important that you use our headers, not the ones from OpenDWG.

Running a pre-compiled version

To do this it is only necessary to have the QT 3.0.5 run time libraries installed on your system. The OpenDWG libraries are static linked into the program (but the QT libraries are not).

2.3 Compilation and installation

In order to compile and install Viewer on your system, type the following in the base directory of the Viewer distribution:

% ./configure
% make
% make install

Since Viewer uses autoconf you should not have trouble compiling it. Should you run into problems please report them to the project team at http://sourceforge.net/projects/lx-viewer

make install will create and install the program parts in the following directories:

/usr/local/bin          : Will contain the executable, the splash screen and icon files
/usr/local/doc/viewer   : Will contain the manual pages
/usr/local/bin/fonts    : Will be created for you to place your third party font files into.
/usr/local/bin/pcp      : Will be created for you to place pcp files into.
/usr/local/bin/OpenDWG  : Will be created and the file adinit.dat will be placed there.

Finding QT libraries

Depending upon your installation of QT the Configure script may not find your QT libraries correctly. Typically there is an error message about not being able to find some version of QT 1x. In this situation try the configure script with the following flag:

% ./configure --with-qt-dir=PATH_TO_YOUR_QT_DIRECTORY
% make
% make install

Where PATH_TO_YOUR_QT_DIRECTORY is the path to the location of QT 3.0.5 on your computer.