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Comparison data taken from Autodesk© website Friday Aug 15th 2003. Reference from Autodesk comparison chart. To the best of my knowledge this table is correct and unknown features have been marked as unknown rather than guessed. If you think any of these details are incorrect, let me know as soon as you can. <!-- Hairball -->

Feature \ Product Autodesk© Express Viewer 3.1 Autodesk© Volo® View LX-Viewer v1.0
Availability Free (fill in a form) $195 * Free
Platform Support Windows Windows Linux
(Also Windows in beta)
License Free(**) - Binary only $195(*) Free - Modified GPL (Links to a Binary Lib)
Size 2.3 Mb (6mb installed***) 34 Mb 740k source
Use Stand alone or embedded in browser Stand alone or embedded in browser Stand alone command line (inc webserver/CGI) or GUI
Real-time 2D pan and zoom Yes Yes Yes
Easy to-scale printing Yes Yes Yes
View DWFTM files (including multisheet DWF 6) Yes Yes No (working on it)
High-quality, stylized plotting No Yes Yes
3D viewing and orbit No Yes 3D view only
Smart markup, text callouts, etc No Yes (ActiveShapesTM) No (RML markup support programming underway)
Accurate measurements No Yes (AutoSnap®) No
View AutoCAD® DWG and DXF® files No Yes All but 2004
View IPT, IAM, IDW and raster files No Yes raster (BMP, PNG)
Publish DWF files from DWG files No Yes No (working on it)
Rich API Yes Yes Yes! Open Source C++
Automatic Program update Yes No No
Batch Print Yes Unknown Yes
Internal command line No No Yes
Supports PGP file for command aliases No No Yes
Batch File conversion No No Full
Save as SVG v1.0 No No Yes

(*) Normal store price (ref) Autodesk© website Friday Aug 15th 2003

(**) They let you distribute it and everything, they're learning.

(***) According to install screen when tested, 22nd August 2003

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