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01:37, 26th April 2018


Lx-Viewer is Open Source software, and is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRENTY OF ANY KIND. We work on the project in our spare time so there is no 24/7/365 helpdesk or support line.

Instead of a large faceless corporation however, you have direct contact with the motivated individuals who work on this project (you can even join in), and if you ask a question, one of the developers will probably get back to you within 24hours, and considerably shorter in some cases.

However, instead of E-mailing the author and developers directly with questions or comments we suggest that you use the forums and public mailing list. This will allow other users to benefit from the discussion and potentially allow more developers to offer you advice. Our developers monitor the forums and receive via e-mail, copies of all posts as they are made.

Online documentation

A user manual is included in the program and is accessible by selecting about-help or by simpy pressing F1. This has been translated to German and Italian in the CVS and many other languages are soon to follow. Also we have added standard GNU files to the CVS which will be features in the next file releases. These include


The general discussion forum covers all topics including support requests, questions to (and from) the developers and future features discussions.

The help forum is where help articles on various topics tend to be posted by the developers. Have a look here first if you're having problems with the program.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists, the developer mailing list, and the public mailing list. The public mailing list is currently low traffic but we will begin to use it more extensivly for new version announcements and other information for the public.

Support Requests

If all else fails you can use the support request feature. Try and give as much information as possible and we'll get right on it.

Bug Reporting

Think you've found a bug? Check the forums first and if you're still sure, submit a bug report. As before, try and give as much information as possible and we'll get right on it.

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