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01:36, 26th April 2018


Lx-Viewer is Open Source software, and is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRENTY OF ANY KIND. We work on the project in our spare time so there is no 24/7/365 helpdesk or support line.

Instead of a large faceless corporation however, you have direct contact with the motivated individuals who work on this project (you can even join in), and if you ask a question, one of the developers will probably get back to you within 24hours, and considerably shorter in some cases.

However, instead of E-mailing the author and developers directly with questions or comments we suggest that you use the forums and public mailing list. This will allow other users to benefit from the discussion and potentially allow more developers to offer you advice. Our developers monitor the forums and receive via e-mail, copies of all posts as they are made.

To contact us you can:

We also accept cash donations, pizza, the usual. Why do we need money? Well heck who doesn't? If you've got some spare I've certainly got student debts to pay off. If you throw Andy some he might code a feature you want. Throw me (Guy) some at the same time and I'll shamelessly plug your company/self on the site and lists.

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