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01:40, 26th April 2018

DWG files causing errors in dwgpy script

This page is to support testing of the Pythoncad projects Python script written by Art for DWG files as descibed in his original post to the CAD-Linux mailing list. 10 drawings fixed to date.

VersionDrawing FileSizeStd outputError outputDate added
R14/R15error_drawings.tar.gz2mbnana18 sept

You can test a whole directory of files and narrow down which ones cause an error using this public bash script. Modify the paths at the top of the file for your own system. You can then use this sed script to tar and zip all files that caused an error, ready to post to Art.

Error rate was 100/940 = 10.6% error @ Sat 30th Aug.
File updated. Error rate now 48/14756 = 0.325291407% error @ Mon 1st Aug
File updated (featurres added). Error rate now 62/14756 = 0.420168067% error @ Thur 18th Sept

To do the testing, all files had to be converted to R14, but this crashed lx-viewer after about 900/14,500 drawings so we're just fixing that first. Note that manipulating tonnes of drawings is a nightmare (minor example: see below)

(~)> cp drawings/* DWG/
bash: /bin/cp: Argument list too long

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