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Data In

File Input
Files that Lx-Viewer can accept as input or may do in the future.
All versions 2.5 to 2002 are currently supported by Lx-Viewer
All versions 2.5 to 2002 are currently supported by Lx-Viewer
Redline Markup Language support is being developed
AutoCAD 2004 support is currently being reviewed
Comma Delimited File. 1 of the 3 AutoCAD file extraction formats. Listed for completeness but will probably not be done.
Space Delimited File. 1 of the 3 AutoCAD file extraction formats. Listed for completeness but will probably not be done.
Drawing Interchange File. 1 of the 3 AutoCAD file extraction formats
An XML based language and possible sucessor to DXF
An XML based language. Full specification documentation is at www.landxml.org/schema/landxml-1.0/Documentation/LandXMLDoc.htm. Example files can be found at www.landxml.org/downloads.htm
Taken from the Web 3D Consortium's FAQ.

"VRML is an acronym for "Virtual Reality Modeling Language". It is the International Standard (ISO/IEC 14772) file format for describing interactive 3D multimedia on the Internet. The first release of the VRML 1.0 specification was created by Silicon Graphics, Inc. and based on the Open Inventor file format. The second release of VRML added significantly more interactive capabilities. It was primarily designed by the Silicon Graphics VRML team with contributions from Sony Research, Mitra, and many others. VRML 2.0 was reviewed by the VRML moderated email discussion group (www-vrml@vrml.org) and later adopted and endorsed by many companies and individuals. In December 1997, VRML97 replaced VRML 2.0 and was formally released as International Standard ISO/IEC 14772."

Scalable Vector Graphics, an XML based language. This is currently being worked on for the 1.0 release.
Softdesk Drafix Cad file
DC, DC2, DW2
CAD file (DesignCAD)
CAD file (DataCAD5)
Generic (TM) CADD drawing (later versions)
Drawing file (TurboCAD for Windows)
Three-dimensional drawing file (VersaCAD) www.versacad.com/vcadhome.htm
Microstation95 CAD drawing. If you have Microstation, install the MDL development, read the documentation and look at the c Header files. There you will (apparently) find all you need.
FloorPlan 3.0
ACIS Save File Format used in the Spatial© range of products. Information is stored in standard ASCII text and the file format is well documented (further details).
Basic drawing options
Drawing commands may be added some time in the future, but the primary role of Lx-Viewer was originally as a viewer, as the name suggests.

Basic Drawing Commands
Command Status Command StatusCommand Status
Erase no Redo noUndo no
Copy no Move noPaste no
Advanced drawing options
The full range of possible commands is shown here for completeness only.

Advanced Drawing Commands - Formating
Color no Dimension Styleno Drawing Limitsno Rename no
Linetype no Plot Style no Units no Text Style no
Lineweight no Point Style no Thickness no Multiline Styleno

Advanced Drawing Commands - Drawing
Line no Rayno Construction Lineno Multiline no
Polyline no 3d Polyline no Polygon no Rectangle no
Arc no Circle no Doughnut no Splineno
Ellipse no Block no Point no Hatchno
Boundary no Region no Text no Surfacesno
Solids no no no no

Advanced Drawing Commands - Modifying
Propertiesno Match Propertiesno Objectno Clipno
Hatchno Polylineno Splineno Multilineno
Attributeno Textno Mirrorno Offsetno
Arrayno Rotateno Scaleno Stretchno
Lengthenno Trimno Extendno Breakno
Chamferno Filletno 3D Operationno Solids Editingno
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