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18:21, 21st March 2018


Just a selection of quick screenshots of various aspects of the program. Each screenshot is about 35-55k (eg will take 7-10 seconds to load on a modem). Click on the thumbnail images to see the full sized images.

With a file open
File save dialog
layers dialog
Command aliases dialog
Internal command line use
External command line use

Development Screenshots - Proposed New Menus/Artwork

The command alias dialog screen

The main change is the moving of the two side elements to the bottom. The reasoning for this is that it allows longer commands to be displayed within the confines of the dialog.

The command buttons are also more descriptive, the "OK" button has become "Save Changes", the "Import" button has become "Import PGP File". Small images have also been added to provide visual indicators of the buttons purpose.

screenshot of the command alias dialog screen mockup of proposed new command alias dialog Original size (wxh): 435x310 approx
New size: 350x310 approx
4 images added:
  • folder.png 596b
  • kill.png 370b
  • help.png 765b
  • save.png 167b
Total: 1898b (1.8kb)

The Credits Dialog

The main changes are layout and factual changes. The development team are located in the main window but the thanks section has been moved to a scrollable window. This should allow many of the more mior contibutors to be listed and allow thanks to qt, sourceforge and opendwg without using up masses of spave.

the padding on the main window can be reduced and an image of Tux has been added to brighten up the text. The text itself can be aligned to the left to aid readability.

One of the developers on the list has since left and another has joined, which needs to be added, as does Andrews name onto the list. The text before the email address is uneccessary and can be moved onto the same line as the copyright. The website address can be changed to http://lx-viewer.sourceforge.net, and the text refering to the license could be chaned to "Distributed under an ammended version of the GPL v2."

screenshot of the credits dialog screen mockup of proposed new credits dialog Original size (wxh): 510x520 approx
New size: 490x520 approx
1 image added:
  • penguin.png 366b
Total: 366b (0.4kb)

The Report Dialog

This is currently just a rough draft. Ideas were the use of visual icons, the relocating of the bottom button to save screen space and the addition of a help button

screenshot of the report options dialog screen mockup of proposed new report options dialog Not yet finished
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