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18:21, 21st March 2018

Lx-Viewer Splash Screen

Help choose a splash screen for the program. Please review the possible choices of a splash screen for lx-viewer and feel free to voice your opinions on the SourceForge LX-Viewer forum. Select the thumbnail images for a link to the full size version of each image, but please be patient as they will take a small time to load. The largest image is about 120kb (about 24 seconds on a 56k modem). File sizes are given to help you browse and aren't a deciding factor in choosing a splash screen for the program.

splash screen 11. Black background with front lettering.
splash screen 22. White background sketch style.
splash screen 33. Gradient background with translucent lettering.
splash screen 44. Gradient background with front lettering.
or as reduced: 71k
reduced: 62k
reduced: 60k
original: 212k
splash screen 55. Blue technical (180k).
Splash screen 66. London Eye (70k)

We welcome any comments or opinions you have.

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