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11:34, 22nd May 2018
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LX-Viewer is a program that will allow you to open, view, print and convert DWG or DXF files, typically used in AutoCAD related technical drafting. The most important feature is that LX-Viewer allows you to manipulate your DWG data on the Linux platform. You may zoom and pan the drawing as you would in AutoCAD. Files can be saved to DWG or DXF formats from AutoCAD version 2.5 to 2002, also as BMP, SVG and PNG formats. Files can be printed or plotted to a Postscript printer or to file. Multiple files can be batch converted or batch plotted. Layer states can be changed (on/off, freeze/thaw, etc) with a full layer dialog. The paperspace/model space toggle is fully implemented, as is the ability to select among various paperspace layouts for AutoCAD drawings.

LX-Viewer is distributed under an ammended version of the GPL v2 so that we can link to the OpenDWG libraries. The ammendment is in accordance with the FSF Guidelines. While our license is online, you should also take care to review the OpenDWG terms as you will be bound by their terms in order to download the libraries. Be sure to fill in one of their PDF terms and conditions and post it back to them as otherwise they will have difficulty proving you have a legally binding agreement with them.

You will need to download the OpenDWG libraries both the Viewkit and the Toolkit to use with this program. We are not permitted to bundle these with the source code.
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LX-Viewer is now v1.0 and stable (use 0.96 if you're on an older Qt2 based system). Development is still ongoing, features are added in response to user requests. If there is a feature or user interface change you would like implemented please post a request to the feature request tracking system for this project at SourceForge. The layer bar and the way it operates are both the result of user feedback and requests. If you are not a member of SourceForge you may wish to consider becoming one. You do not need to be a programmer to join or help with a project. Many projects, including this one, need people to create bitmaps, monitor forums, keep the documentation up to date and test the software etc.

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